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Lots to tell you...

By faringdonsensorygarden, Mar 16 2017 11:08AM

So much has happended since our last post. The biggest and best news is that the Charities Commission has decided we are fit and worthy trustees of this project and its resulting garden and granted us registration with them. This makes a huge difference to how we are perceived by grant agencies.

In other news, the Lease with the Town Council who own the site is due to be signed at the end of this month (March 2017) which means we will finally, finally be able to kick off properly the fundraising effort. We don't have much time now if we want the garden to be open to commemorate the Great War Centenary so the latest we can possibly run the project to will be 11th November 2018. That said, we actually want the garden to be open to the community next Spring 2018. The trees won't be very big then but the bulbs will be up, the lawn laid and the cafe serving tea and sandwiches with the crusts off will be in full swing!

We've been requested to include two important new elements in the garden. The first a pétanque area available for visitors to the garden and the second, a Peace Garden where peaceful reflection and contemplation is encouraged for those wishing quiet times. If you have any ideas, then please get in touch. This garden will be there for a very long time and we're going to finish the design by mid summer!

Now that Spring is here, lets get this project off and rolling!

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